New Designs are Up!

This past week has been a designing frenzy. VIDA offered a new product – it is a sweet little clutch purse that one can take anywhere including a formal affair. So when they approached me about putting my designs on this little jewel I went crazy. After creating these sweet little clutches which sell for only $40.00 by the way, I had a brain storm. I thought why not design a complete ensemble including wrap, top, scarf and clutch – Many of my designs can be mixed and matched to make so many outfits with just a few pieces. So I set to work and created some of the cutest and eye popping designs. You can not get these in stores. You can only get these on my VIDA site. Designs by Yvonne Sewell

So to get you started here are some of the new creations. Now let me show you how to create an ensemble.


This cute little number will compliment any thing, including black pants, skirt, white pants or skirt, even the color purple or yellow. It can be worn with jeans or even the most formal occasion.

These little numbers can be mixed and matched to create some of the most beautiful ensembles they can be dressed up or dressed down, They can be worn with greens, reds browns , or blacks. Skirts, pants, jeans or even that little black dress.


See how the different colors contrast and compliment each other. They can be worn separate or together, with greens, purples, blacks, yellows, whites, pinks, even blues. They can be worn with skirts, dresses, jeans, pants. Why would you not want to show off your fashion style!

It is not to early to think about what you are going to wear for that time of Year- you know when the Fat Man in the Red Suit comes to visit or for those of you who celebrate Hanuka. This little ensemble is just the thing, It will dress up your Winter whites, blacks, reds and even grays.



If Red and Green is your thing for the holiday season then this little ensemble is for you. Think of your Winter Whites, blacks, greens and reds – skirts, jeans, pants and yes even those holiday dresses.


More ensembles are forth coming in another blog. Stay tuned!



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