My name is Yvonne Mason Sewell. I am an author, a radio host and an amatur photographer. I never had design on my radar. I was approached by and they asked if I would be interested in placing my photos on their product. I said why not. I believe that we are placed in situations when the time calls for it. So with that thought in mind I started this journey. Yes, I am still writing, I still have my radio show on blog talk radio. It is called OFF THE CHAIN.

the show and my books are listed under Yvonne Mason. I have chosen to use my married name to promote my designs. They are listed under Yvonne Sewell. You will not find anything else like my designs. I use my photos and an editing program to make each design unique. It is much like my life. I refuse to march to the drummer of the masses. I have my own drummer who plays the beat that I carry around in my heart and mind.

For many years folks told me NO! Well, I no longer believe in the word NO. I want to thank all of  those who told me NO! Because look at me now. I am a successful designer, a photographer, radio host and author.

Please go to Designs by Yvonne Sewell and make your purchase. Trust me you will not regret it.   The photos that you see on this site are some of the ones on my design site.