New Creations are UP!!!

IF you love New Orleans you will love my newest creations on Designs by Yvonne Sewell   you see I love that city that is filled with so much history and mystery. So I designed some things that I hope relate not only my love for the city but the mystery that breaths the air.  These designs can be mixed and matched to create so many different statement ensembles that every time you step out you will be in something new.


More Ways to Mix and Match My Designs

As promised more ways to mix and match my designs on Designs by Yvonne Sewell

All of these designs can be mixed and matched to create a one of a kind ensemble. One that will make you stand out with your own fashion statement. It is surprising what a few pieces will create- There are at least 10 different outfits that you can create- using yellows, blacks, purples, whites, greens,  and even grays. Skirts, dresses, pants, jeans- Don’t be afraid to mix and match these little jewels. They are amazing.

My Model Wearing one of my Wraps

My model wear one of my deisngsThis is one of my wraps from my collection. This wrap is called Believe in Dreams. All of the products in my collection are my own photos on VIDA’s product. Their product is amazing. This is on of the lightest materials that I have ever felt. Please check out all of my collection. I am putting up new things daily. Designs by Yvonne Sewell