Are You a Skeleton Person? Well I have those

Are you one of those people who love skulls, Skeletons, Pirates and stolen treasure? Do you watch all the pirate movies you can find? Do you enjoy wearing things that make those you come in contact with say WOW!  Well I can hook you up!

night of the dead

You can take any of these beauties and create any outfits to simply die for. For instance the ship scarf with the pirate tee and the pirate statement bag is sure to make you the fashion queen. Take the wrap and put it with the skeleton tee or the Night of  the Dead tee along with one of the two scarves at under the Night of the Dead tee along with the Sharing the Booty Statement bag and you are on your way.  Be Bold, Be beautiful and be YOU! Set the fashion statement you love. Designs by Yvonne Sewell