New Creations are UP!!!

IF you love New Orleans you will love my newest creations on Designs by Yvonne Sewell   you see I love that city that is filled with so much history and mystery. So I designed some things that I hope relate not only my love for the city but the mystery that breaths the air.  These designs can be mixed and matched to create so many different statement ensembles that every time you step out you will be in something new.


More Ways to Mix and Match My Designs

As promised more ways to mix and match my designs on Designs by Yvonne Sewell

All of these designs can be mixed and matched to create a one of a kind ensemble. One that will make you stand out with your own fashion statement. It is surprising what a few pieces will create- There are at least 10 different outfits that you can create- using yellows, blacks, purples, whites, greens,  and even grays. Skirts, dresses, pants, jeans- Don’t be afraid to mix and match these little jewels. They are amazing.

New Designs are Up

The past few days have been so busy. Between the radio show, no sleep getting ready for a book event and working on the radio show I have not had time to breath. But – that being said, I have finally posted new designs on the site. They are amazing and you will find that there are so many things you can do with the product. The designs I have created can be mixed and matched so that not only do you have several eye catching outfits with just a few pieces, you can make your own fashion statement all the time.

I like to think of my designs – not just product but a piece of art work that can be worn so many different ways and always looks brand new. Years ago I learned that we do indeed get what we pay for. If we pay for something that is “cheap” no matter what we do we cannot make it look “expensive”. Nor can we keep it looking new and fresh. My designs are on product that is out of the this world. The tee’s are so soft it is like wearing nothing. The scarves are to die for. The wraps, well what can I say, you can wear them to the beach, to the store, on a date night, or to the most elegant formal occasion out there. Talk about adding that something to that little black dress, or those sexy black pants, my wraps and scarves will do that. My statement bags are over the top conversations pieces, while my totes will set tongues wagging for days.

Need that little something for your home to make a statement? Well, you have found it on my design page on    Designs by Yvonne Sewell

My accent pillows will set any room on its head. When someone walks into that room their eyes will go to that pillow or pillows and you will be hailed as the master interior designer.

You can not find any of my designs in box stores. You can only find them on VIDA. It is a dream that I did not have on my radar. It was dropped in my lap and now I want it to succeed. please visit the site, share the site. Mother’s day is coming up- what a neat way to show mom how much she means to you. Soon it will be the Silly Season, start now to get those gifts out of the way so you don’t have to stress

Let me show how to mix and match a few of my designs.

Take the long sleeve wicked  tee and match this scarf with it to give a look that no one else has. I will add a wrap soon


This neat little tee and scarf will make a fashion statement with jeans or skirts


Just think of all the compliments you will get when you combine this scarf, wrap and tee with this little tote. The colors pop and you will be able to combine them with so many colors, pinks, blues, purples, whites, blacks, even oranges. There are at least six outfits with this combination

Love that fanciful look? Well look no further. The long sleeve tee with the swan, the dreaming wrap and the love you to the moon and back tote makes a statement that will long be remembered.



This scarf , wrap and tee are so elegant, they can be paired with grays, whites, blacks, purple, yellow, skirts, pants and even dresses or suits.  There are at least six outfits using these three pieces.

As you can see there are numerous was to mix and match my designs. I will put up more so that you will have many ideas when you go to the site to make your purchase. Remember you cannot purchase any of these designs in box stores. Just from the site Designs by Yvonne Sewell

All of my designs have my signature logo in them      Sign_Yvonne Sewell